The Joys of Christmas

The Joys of Christmas
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The Joys of Christmas. Every track from our CD

Contains 19 MP3 format music files in a single zip file.

All tracks are provided as high quality MP3 files which should be compatible with nearly all computers and digital music players. A copy of the CD booklet and a complete playlist file is included in this zip file.

Track list:

1.Joys SevenJohn Morehen (b.1941)
2.Hodie Christus natus estJan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (1562­-1621)
3.My Lord has comeWill Todd (b.1970)
4.God rest you merry, gentlemen (+band)arr. David Willcocks (1919-­2015)
5.Good Christian Men Rejoice (band)arr. David Holling
6.Ding dong! merrily on high16th­ century French, arr. Mack Wilberg (b.1955) and Peter Stevens
7.A little child there is ybornMalcolm Archer (b.1952)
8.As up the wood I took my wayJohn Morehen (b.1941)
9.WassailJonathan Willcocks (b.1953)
10.Bleak Midwinter (band)arr. Rodney Newton
11.I saw a stableAlan Bullard (b.1947)
12.The Holly and the IvyMatthew Owens (b.1971)
13.What child is this?Thomas Hewitt Jones (b.1984)
14.The Bell CarolPhilip Ledger (b.1937)
15.Benedicamus DominoPeter Warlock (1894-­1930)
16.O Little town of BethlehemBob Chilcott (b.1955)
17.The Christmas SongMel Tormé (1925­1999) and Robert Wells (1922­-1998)
18.Sussex CarolMusic: arr. Bob Chilcott (b.1955)
19.The Seven Joys (+ Band)Tim Sutton (b.1973)

Nottingham Harmonic Choir

Richard Laing Conductor

Simon Hogan Organ

John Morehen Piano

Thoresby Colliery Band

David Holling Conductor

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