Nottingham Harmonic Choir’s Famous Christmas Concerts

The Nottingham Harmonic Choir perform two Family Carol Concerts each year, usually on or around the weekend immediately before Christmas.

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We are still gathering details for our next Christmas Concerts - please come back soon for the latest information

Bring the whole family to enjoy Christmas music at these ever popular, child-friendly concerts. The choir and band lead the audience in well-loved Christmas carols, while the choir provides more peaceful interludes with celestial carol settings. The Thoresby Colliery Band adds sparkle with its solo items.

These concerts come in the often frenetically busy, but expectant in-between time after the end of school term just before Christmas. It is a good time to make space to relax and enjoy enthralling Christmas music in a warm, friendly atmosphere.

There is always an opportunity for all the children to come down to the stage to sing carols. Some of them, if they are the first to answer a question, or sing really well, will get the chance to conduct the band or choir.

When not joining forces with the band, or leading the audience in some of the familiar Christmas Carols, the choir performs beautiful, though perhaps less familiar, carol settings ranging from exquisite and intricate baroque pieces to the contemporary favourites by composers like Morten Lauridsen and John Rutter.

The Thoresby Colliery Band is one of the most exciting brass bands in Europe, and has won countless accolades for its inspirational playing. Even if you think you don’t like brass bands, this one will convert you. Over the years they have played pieces ranging from Frosty the Snowman to Rossini’s William Tell Overture, Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture and Wagner’s Procession to the Minster. If you get seats close enough to watch their percussion section, it is an amazing sight and sound.

You are guaranteed to go home from this concert with a warm glow inside and a feeling of the fun of Christmas.