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Spring Fantasia

Saturday 25th March 2023 7:30PM

Review by David Dunford
Spring Fantasia - March 2023
Planning a concert with several contrasting pieces is not easy; do you look for a consistent theme, or a progression? If the latter, should it be chronological or move from one mood to another – a p... (continue reading)


Saturday 7th December 2019 7:00PM

Review by William Ruff, ReviewsGate
Nottingham Harmonic Choir, Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham, 5*****, December
Vivid storytelling combines with stylish musicianship in this new-minted Messiah Handel’s Messiah is 277 years old. It is one of the pillars of British musical life and must have been per... (continue reading)

Nottm Classics Mozart Requiem

Friday 1st November 2019 7:30PM

Review by William Ruff
Orchestral finesse combines with choral precision 2 Nov 2019
No one could accuse Sinfonia Viva of lacking range or ambition.  On Friday night they started by taking their audience into a strange, dark landscape (with no map, no compass, no satnav) but ended by... (continue reading)

Come & Sing 2019

Saturday 23rd February 2019 9:45AM

Review by Joyce Smith
February 2019
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed participating in the Come & Sing. Everyone was so friendly and helpful, especially the choir volunteers who put in a lot of effort (especially the cakes!) ... (continue reading)

Family Carol Concert

Wednesday 19th December 2018 7:00PM

Review by Tanya Louise - Nottingham Live
Family Carol Concert - 20 Dec 2018
The following review is best read online at Nottingham Live. Here is a... (continue reading)


Sunday 2nd December 2018 3:00PM

Review by Various from Twitter
December 2018
"Each year I manage to forget what a sublime piece of music Handel's Messiah is. Standing in the blast of the Hallelujah chorus never fails to remind me! Bravo, Brava" "Thank you for an amazing per... (continue reading)

Britten War Requiem

Sunday 4th November 2018 3:00PM

Review by William Ruff
Armistice Centenary Concert 4th November 2018
The Harmonic Choir’s 1918 Armistice Centenary Concert was both a musical triumph and a civic occasion of which Nottingham should be proud.  At its heart was a deeply moving performance of Britten... (continue reading)

Nottingham Classics May 2017

Saturday 5th May 2018 7:30PM

Review by William Ruff
8 May 2018 Hallé and Nottingham Harmonic Choir at the Royal Concert Hall
The score was France 2 Italy 2 at the Royal Concert Hall on Saturday night. And there were plenty of spectacular performances from a line-up of star players. Italy fielded two of its operatic heavywei... (continue reading)

St Matthew Passion

Saturday 17th March 2018 7:00PM

Review by Audience Members (compiled)
Audience Reviews 17th March 2018
On a night when snowy blizzards forced most people to stay at home, those brave enough to battle the weather were treated to a glorious performance of Bach’s St Matthew Passion at the Minster in Sou... (continue reading)


Saturday 2nd December 2017 7:00PM

Review by Peter Palmer, Nottingham Evening Post
Review of a previous concert
You should be hearing many different views on the highlights of this Messiah, because there was hardly a dull moment in Saturday's performance under Richard Laing. Handel's famous Hallelujah chorus... (continue reading)

Strauss and Brahms

Saturday 11th November 2017 7:30PM

Review by William Ruff, Nottingham Evening Post
An enriching, uplifting concert
Anyone who craves power should train as a choral conductor rather than seek world domination. The Harmonic’s Richard Laing ensured that his forces were responsive to every gesture, unleashing tsunam... (continue reading)

Belshazzar's Feast 2017

Saturday 27th May 2017 7:30PM

Review by William Ruff, Nottingham Evening Post | Posted: May 28, 2017
Hallé at Nottingham's Royal Concert Hall
The Nottingham Classics season came to an end on Saturday - and almost took the Royal Concert Hall with it. But rest assured: Belshazzar's Feast's combination of full-throated Harmonic Choir, supercha... (continue reading)

Sea Symphony and Sea Pictures

Saturday 18th March 2017 7:30PM

Review by William Ruff
Everyone knows that a lungful of sea spray does you good. So take a close look at anyone who was in the Albert Hall on Saturday at the Harmonic Choir's performance of Vaughan Williams' Sea Symphony an... (continue reading)

Petite Messe Solennelle

Saturday 12th November 2016 7:30PM

Review by William Ruff
Rossini Petite Messe Solennelle
For conductor Richard Laing Saturday's performance of Rossini's Petite Messe Solennelle was much more than art for art's sake. His opening address to the audience drew attention to one particular s... (continue reading)

Carmina Burana

Saturday 12th March 2016 7:30PM

Review by William Ruff Nottingham Evening Post
BBC Symphony Orchestra/Nottingham Harmonic Choir at Royal Concert Hall
Nottingham Harmonic Choir joined BBC Symphony Orchestra for a night at the Royal Concert Hall. When Saturday's BBC Symphony Orchestra/Nottingham Harmonic concert is eventually broadcast on Radio 3,... (continue reading)