Inspirational Music

Duruflé Requiem
Kodaly Missa Brevis
Tippett Five spirituals from A Child of Our Time

Saturday 14th May 2016 7:30PM

Nottingham Harmonic Choir

Conductor Richard Laing

Duruflé's ethereal Requiem is a deservedly enduringly popular work. It is a Requiem which seems to look heaven-wards with hope rather than trying to fill the living with the fear of hell. This is a much more positive emotion for those left behind.

Kodaly Missa Brevis was first performed in the Budapest Opera House cloakrooms, during the siege of Budapest in 1944/45! At the time Kodaly, along with most of the civilian population of Budapest, had taken refuge in cellars and basements of the city in an attempt to survive the 24-hour a day bombing raids. It was in this environment that Kodaly wrote his Missa Brevis,, some parts were adapted from his earlier organ-mass, written in 1942.

In Tippett's A Child of Our TIme, the spirituals perform a similar role of relief and a time for contemplation amid the agonising action, that the Chorales perform in the Passions of Bach. Although most of the music in A Child of Our TIme is full of the angst and conflict, the four spirituals are beautiful contemplative settings which stand as complete works in their own right.

Saturday 14th May 2016 7:30PM

Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham