Carry On Singing and Special General Meeting

Dear all,
I hope you are all well and finding plenty to entertain you around the house and garden. I’m enjoying watching a pair of blue tits take up residence in a new nesting box; I would never usually sit still for long enough to notice this happening, so that’s an unexpected bonus!
Thanks to Michael Napier for sending out this email, which includes information from Laurie Denman at Making Music. As a Society we subscribe to MM, as it offers lots of advice and support, so this is a bona fide message and link. Laurie is offering a 10 week on line programme called ‘Carry on Singing’ (no mention of Sid James or Barbara Windsor though!) If you decide to give it a go, I hope it’s worth it and that it’s enjoyable.
This gives me an opportunity to let you know that you will receive an email very soon with details of our Special General Meeting content. This was scheduled for 20th April and still needs to go ahead to keep pace with our organisation’s administration. This will contain information about next season’s subscriptions and also the proposed revised Rules for the Society. You will first of all have the opportunity to scrutinise the information, ask questions and seek clarification. I will respond to you all with any feedback. You will then have the opportunity for two Yes/No votes, via an on line device. One will be to vote for/against he Subs and the other for/against the proposed Rule changes, which, if accepted, will be ratified at the AGM in October.
Please also note that we have one Officer Vacancy at the moment, which is for a Treasurer to follow on from Jane at the AGM. I should be very glad to hear from anyone who would like to express an interest in this post. Jane will be very willing to provide support, advice and guidance, which could start in email format as soon as convenient. With all this spare time on our hands, aren’t some of us looking for new challenges just like this?! Seriously though, come and join the great Team that is the Harmonic Committee; it will give you a fascinating insight into the workings of this amazing choir and you’ll be making a much appreciated contribution.
Best wishes, Dorothy
Hi there,
My name is Laurie Denman and I am a musical theatre performer, singing teacher, arranger and musical director. And, like many others in the performing arts industry, my world has been turned upside down by the Coronavirus. One of the things I will miss the most over the coming weeks and months is being able to share my love for music through individual singing lessons and choir sessions – all of which are now on hold.
At a time of such uncertainty and worry, and with many people not getting their regular ‘fix’ from church choirs, choral societies and other music groups, I am convinced that we can help people adjust to new ways of living and working, doing so through the power of song.
So, I want to share with you an exciting, new 10-week online programme called ‘Carry On Singing’, which will bring the joy of singing into our homes at this difficult time.
I would be really grateful if you could share the below information with your members – even, if it’s just by forwarding the message – plus, it’s a great way of ensuring your group remain in fine voice, and raring to go when rehearsals start again!
It’s time… to cut through the chaos of Coronavirus, embrace the magic of music, and put the sing in social distanc-sing.
Thank you in advance for your support.